Underwater Shrimp Light Directions
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Congratulations on your wise purchase of the awesome underwater Trophy Torch for shrimp fishing! 

The Trophy Torch attracts more shrimp because it lights the way and attracts more of the shellfish into your pots. Shrimp really can see the light, and in their normally pitch black environment the Trophy Torch gives you the advantage of the attracting POWER of the Trophy Torchís powerful underwater light. 

Your new Trophy Torch takes one or two AA batteries. The Magnum underwater Shrimp Trophy Torch takes two AA batteries while the standard Trophy Torch, both regular bulb and LED takes a single AA battery. The regular bulb lasts for approximately 16 to 24 hours continuous use, depending on water temperature and quality of battery. The LED Trophy Torch lasts longer and is slightly brighter, but does not have a glow body. Both work very well. Both are made of high-strength plastic coupled with an O-ring, which enables you to send the Trophy Torch all the way to 1,000 feet!

Remember to ALWAYS twist the Trophy Torch tight, which activates the battery and seals the unit watertight. Between uses itís recommended that you leave the light on, otherwise you might forget to reseal the Trophy Torch, which might damage the light bulb. 

Unlike other underwater lights, the Trophy Torch can be used over and over again. All you need to do is replace the battery. If the bulb gets wet or burns out over time, you can buy replacements at your local Lowes Hardware store. Always buy bulbs rated for just one AA battery. 

Your Trophy Torch works best when placed in the center of the shrimp pot, above the bait.

The water-activated Mini Trophy Torch for shrimp has a sealed button battery, and lasts approximately 350 hours continuous use. The mini Shrimp Trophy Torch is small and easy to use. Just place it in the center of the pot and it will activate as soon as it is lowered in the water.

Enjoy your new underwater shrimp Trophy Torch! Before using always check the local regulations.

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