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 Sport Shrimp Baits

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Shrimp pot baits vary from location to location and from person to person. Over the years several shrimp baits have been proven super effective. Here's a list of some of the best, most productive baits for your shrimp pots. Regardless of which bait option you choose, use as much bait as possible to create the best scent field to attract large numbers of shrimp to your shrimp pot.

1. Fresh fish carcasses. Salmon, halibut & rockfish carcasses work great.

Use a bait holder like the one on the left to hold your fish carcasses. Clip the bait in the middle of the pot for best results.





2. Shrimp pellets. Several companies, including Super Bait Prawn Bait make excellent pellet baits. Fill a plastic perforated bait jar with these pellets and begin shrimping.

Put pellets in a plastic perforated bait container like this Scotty bait jar.







You can also use mesh bait bag material to hold shrimp bait in your pot.


3. Canned cat food. Puss 'N Boots fish flavored cat food works great as bait. Poke several holes in the can or empty the can into a plastic perforated bait jar.


4. Dry cat foot. If you don't have any other bait, you can use dry fish-flavored dry cat food. You can also add some dry cat foot to your canned to help make it last longer.




5. 100% fish fertilizer, available at Fred Meyers. This stuff is strong, smelly stuff. Mix this stinky stuff with dry cat food, oats or any other dry type bait like dry cat food.

6. Oils. Adding oil to your dry cat food or other baits can improve your shrimp bait and increase the shrimp-attracting scent field. Cooper River Prawn Oil.

You can also use Canola or other vegetable oil to enhance your dry baits and increase your scent field.





7. Vegetables. This is a little known bait, but used by many people who live along the most remote parts of the coast, places like Dawson's Landing in central B.C. Canada. Instead of using traditional baits mentioned above, these coastal pioneers use vegetable food scraps from their dinner table as shrimp bait. One sport shrimper simply uses potatoes that he peels and mashes before putting in the pot. You can also use some instant potatos, wheat germ, or whatever you happen to have. During one experiment, after the shrimper ran out of bait, he filled his bait container with Dorito chips. That pot caught the most shrimp of the day. Give it a try and see for yourself if any of these baits work for you.

You can also mash up vegetables, add some dry cat foot, vegetable oil and freeze the whole concoction and then put it in your bait container when it is frozen. After it reaches the bottom it will thaw and then release into the water to attract shrimp.

If you have a great bait or bait recipe you would like to share, please e-mail me at

Good luck...

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