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Underwater lights will increase your shrimp catch by a factor of two to four. Shrimp are attracted to lights, a fact anyone can verify from a well lit dock. For instance, throughout the San Juan Islands during summer time, dark nights combined with docks and lights shinning into the water reveal lots of shrimp near the surface. Anyone in search of shrimp can use butterfly nets to scoop the small shrimp.

Divers also verify that shrimp love light. Suba divers routinely use their spotlights during night dives and "herd" shrimp into their goodie bags. They simply point the light and lead the shrimp into their mesh bags. The shrimp follow just like the light was the Pide Piper. offers several shrimp lights, including single AA models, double AA models and water-activated diamond lights. They all work well.

The most impressive study concerning the Trophy Torch light on shrimp came from a study conducted by a Seattle area clinical physiologist, who spends one month per year in S.E. Alaska, shrimping every day. During the month, the Dr. kept a meticulous diary of his study. He rotated lights in different pots, and at the end of the month concluded that using a light increased his catch rate by four times. Virtually any shrimp pot containing an underwater Trophy Torch contained, on average, four times the number of shrimp.

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